10 Reasons to Choose

Why is Director On Call the Best Choice?

10 Reasons to Choose Director On Call1. TRAINING

All Telephone Receptionists have undergone specialized training in the Funeral Home Profession utilizing some of the key concepts as presented in Alan Wolfelt’s, ‘Handbook for Funeral Home Staff.’

10 Reasons to Choose Director On Call2. UNDERSTANDING

Solid understanding and appreciation of the Funeral Home Profession ensuring calls are handled in a seamless manner. We make it our business to know yours, we specialize in answering calls for the Funeral Home Profession.

10 Reasons to Choose Director On Call3. EXPERIENCE

Director On Call has been providing Funeral Home Answering Service for Funeral Homes since 1948. Prestigious 2016 National Platinum Plus Award Winners by CAM-X for 17 consecutive years of outstanding service and coveted ATSI Excellence Award Winners since 2003 and ATSI 2017 International Diamond Plus Award winners for 14 consecutive years. We’re a Funeral Home Answering Service you can count on!

bullet-point4. TRANSPARENCY

Director On Call has complete transparency allowing our clients to listen to all calls utilizing our on-line access feature, ensuring our high standards are always maintained. Each and every call is digitally recorded for our own quality control measures and randomly reviewed by our Quality Control Team.


We carefully customize all accounts ensuring we are operating under your exact instructions, answering calls the way you do! Watch a First Call to see how!

bullet-point6. TECHNOLOGY

Sophisticated, State of the Art Technology offering a feature rich platform for a more streamline service with calls being handled using a customized script ensuring accuracy and completeness of the messages taken. Director On Call uses the Amtelco System as our call center answering platform. It is among one the most highly recognized systems in the telephone answering services industry. It is feature rich with lots of options and is regarded as the Best of the Best because products are measured against it.

bullet-point7. BACK-UP MEASURES

Our technology is backed up on several fronts:

1) Power – we have a natural gas power generator, which feeds into redundant UPS systems. Therefore, if the power goes out our services won’t.

2) Hardware – we have spares of every piece of critical gear used for our telephone answering service. Also, our hardware is “hot” failover which means; if one server fails it is picked up seamlessly by another server. This ensures that systems will never fail.

3) Storage – software and data is backed up on the local machine as well as a local network storage drive and on a cloud based storage system.

bullet-point8. CALL FORWARDING

Call forward/no answer and call forward/busy can be programmed on your line 24/7. What this means is that after a pre-determined ring if you are unable to answer, your line will automatically be routed to Director On Call. This is a great safety measure in the event you forget to call forward at night or if you are with a family and it may not be appropriate to answer the phone. You never have to worry as one of our skilled Call Specialists are always there to take care of your families. Have you ever called a Funeral Home only to hear a busy signal? Imagine a family trying to get through when they need you most. Call Forward/Busy will eliminate frustrating busy signals. If all your lines are being utilized the call will be diverted to one of Director On Call’s Call Specialists who will know exactly what to do. We guarantee that you will never miss a First Call again!

bullet-point9. WEB CHAT

Director On Call has Live Chat services available to funeral homes. This feature can be embedded onto your existing website. There is also a Live Chat button on the Director On Call homepage. Having prepared responses set out by your funeral home allows you control of all information relayed. With Director On Call’s fully trained operators available 24/7, your families will have an alternate method of immediately connecting with your funeral home. Our Call Specialists can additionally handle pre-arrangements, directions, death certificate requests and service details all by the click of a button. 

bullet-point10. ON-CALL UPDATING

Many of our clients rely on our service to be able to reach the proper person after hours, this is handled by an on-call list maintained within the Amtelco System we use. On-calls can be manually entered by our operators. We also have a web portal which allows you to log into your account and make the changes to your on-call status without having to call into our office and incur per minute charges to make these updates. The web portal also allows for the retrieval of messages and listening to calls for review.