The History Of African Tribal Funerals

Throughout the world, there is so much variety in funeral and burial practices. Africa is one region with a very unique history and culture surrounding death and mourning. Most practices are influenced by Africans’ traditional belief in the afterlife, and Christianity

Egyptian Funerals: From Pharaohs To Modern Day

It’s always interesting to look at how funeral practices in a region change over time. Nowhere is the change more significant than in Egypt, a country known for its ancient practice of mummification. Indeed, Egyptian funerals have changed drastically over the

Creative Post-Memorial Gathering Ideas

Once the memorial service is over, many families like to gather and spend more time together in a laid back setting. Many post-memorial gatherings are low-key events where a few dishes are passed and stories are shared. However, there is

How Did Native Americans Honor Their Dead?

How Native Americans Honor Their Lost Loved Ones Every culture honors life events differently. Ceremonies for births, marriages, and deaths figure largely as significant events, and are symbolized using specific observances. In the Native American culture, rituals play an especially significant

Celtic Burial Rites: Traditions That We Still Use

3 Celtic Burial Rites We Still Use Today The ancients Celts were a preliterate society. With no written record, modern researchers rely heavily on archaeology to understand their lives and the Celtic burial rites that still influence modern funerals and

5 Interesting Facts about Colonial Funerals

5 Intriguing Facts about Colonial Funeral Rites Funeral rites and rituals have certainly changed over the years, but many modern funeral traditions do trace back to the Colonial era. Funerals were very large, public events at this time, and the Colonial

5 of the Most Interesting Burial Rites From Different Cultures

Five Interesting Funeral Customs Around the World Every culture has its own way of showing love and respect after a loved one’s passing. Some cultures observe a period of somber mourning, while others observe funerals as a celebration of the deceased’s

Incorporating Interesting Ways from the Past to Honor Those Who Have Passed

Four Time-Honored Funeral Elements to Include into Your Services A funeral is more than the mark of someone’s passing. It’s a way to honor the deceased and provide the family a way to mourn, and memorialize the loved one who

The History of Floral Arrangements at Funerals

3 Ways Floral Arrangements Have Been Used Historically at Funerals Flower arrangements help people express their love, respect, and appreciation for someone who has passed away. It is often difficult to find the right words to express feelings during a very

After The Funeral – When Is The Service Really Over?

Four Ideas for Unique Aftercare Services Families often look toward a funeral service director before, during and even after a service for comfort, empathy, and understanding. Creating a strong aftercare service for your Funeral Home is a wonderful way to