FAQs Director On CallHow do I get more information?

Everything can be done over the phone. We will be pleased to answer your questions and promptly fax or e-mail you a quote. Please call 1-800-975-7716 or complete the online submission form at the top right of the web page.

FAQs Director On CallWill I incur long distance fees Call Forwarding from my location to yours?

Absolutely not. Director On Call will provide you with a 1-800 # for Call Forwarding purposes so you do not incur long distance fees from your location to ours in addition to absorbing all long distance fees associated with out-dialing.

FAQs Director On CallHow do I know My Calls are being handled properly?

Each and every call is digitally recorded for quality control and immediately available to our Homes for review. Funeral Professionals can log onto our website and listen to calls for their own evaluation. This ensures our Homes are completely satisfied with the care and attention their families receive and allows verification of all messages.

FAQs Director On CallHow much does your funeral home answering service cost?

We have a competitively priced base package that includes a set amount of minutes with each additional minute billed on a per minute basis and calculated on a per second basis. After the base rate you only pay for what you use.

Director On Call can bill in US or Canadian Dollars.

FAQs Director On CallCan I be billed in Canadian or US dollars?

Absolutely. Your invoice can be sent to you in Canadian or US dollars.

FAQs Director On CallIs there an advantage to dealing locally?

We make it seamless! We ensure that we have accurate directions to your Funeral Home with Landmarks, names and telephone #s of local Hospitals and Nursing Homes in addition to recommended Florists, just like we are right next door!

FAQs Director On CallCan you answer more than one call at the same time?

Director On Call can handle multiple calls on your line at the same time. One of our trained Specialists may be handling a First Call while someone else calls regarding pricing, pre-arrangements or directions. We will be able to assist without having your family interrupted.

FAQs Director On CallWhat if I forget to call forward at night?

Director On Call recommends our Funeral Homes place Call Forward/No Answer on their lines. When activated, this feature is on your line 24/7. In the event you forget to call forward when you are rushing out the door no need to worry, your line will automatically route into Director On Call after a pre-determined ring.

FAQs Director On CallHow do I avoid having my families receive a busy signal?

No one likes to repeatedly hear a busy signal, particularly grieving families! Place call forward/busy on your line 24/7. In the event all your lines are being utilized your line will automatically route into Director On Call where your callers will receive the attention they need.