Letters of Reference

Funeral Home Answering Service

Letter of Reference

Our firm was contacted last week by a family that had suffered the sudden loss of their Father.

They called our Funeral Home and spoke to one of our Directors requesting information and cost regarding a “simple cremation”.

We gave them the information they requested, and after a slight hesitation they explained that “they were surprised that cremations cost that much”, thanked us and ended the phone call.

As the day drew to a close, and not having heard back from this family I assumed they had selected another firm to handle their needs.

That evening I received a text message from the answering service that this family had called requesting a call back from the Funeral Director to set up an appointment to make their Father’s funeral arrangements.

I met with the family the following morning and completed all the arrangements for their Father’s “simple cremation”.  As I was walking them to the door, I thanked them for thinking of us and allowing us to be of service.  With that, the son turned to me and said “to thank Shari”.

He explained that he and his sister had contacted several other funeral homes in our area looking for information and cost.  He further explained that they had chosen our firm over the others because of the “caring compassion, professionalism and patience of our Secretary, Shari”.  Even though we were more expensive then some of the other firms, the family was comforted by our staff, especially our secretary.

Obviously, they were not even aware that they were talking to an answering service.  That’s what I truly enjoy about having Director On Call as our “after hours assistant”!

Keep up the good work.

Brian Gannon/Norman E. Gannon & Sons, Inc. Funeral Home