Our History

Funeral Home Answering Service - Director On Call
Established in 1948, Director On Call answered calls for Funeral Homes in the Kingston and surrounding areas. At the turn of the century long distance rates were dropping significantly and the emergence of the internet allowed marketing to all of North America feasible. As a result, Director On Call was truly able to expand our services. Local Funeral Homes were thrilled with our award winning operators and it didn’t take long for them to share with other funeral professionals just how pleased they were. Director On Call’s leaders understood that it took more than courteous and professional operators to be successful. Recognizing the sensitive nature of calls and that dealing with callers of varying emotions took skill, empathy and understanding we knew our operators needed more in-depth training. In 2006, Director On Call had a strategic partnership with a Funeral Profession website company with a Funeral Director on staff that helped us set up a rigorous training program. The synergy became a game changer. Today, we aim for complete transparency and continue to upgrade by adding new tools to assist and streamline our answering service. Our team seamlessly represent our Funeral Homes by taking their calls in a professional and caring manner with the respect families deserve in their time of need. Director On Call holds the prestigious 2016 Platinum Award of Excellence from CAM-X for 17 consecutive years of outstanding service in addition to receiving the coveted ATSI Award of Excellence since 2003. Funeral Home Answering Service you can count on!