Quality Assurance

How DIRECTOR ON CALL Maintains The Highest Quality

Quality Assurance Director On Call1. Call Recordings

Each and every call answered by our Call Specialists is digitally recorded for quality control. Through handling calls of such a sensitive nature and representing your Funeral Home, Director On Call understands the initial contact with your family is vital. On-Line Access of all call recordings allows you the convenience of logging onto our website with your own personal user name and password to listen to each and every call. You hear the actual conversation between your families and our specialists eliminating any concerns of an incorrect message and allowing for verification of all conversations.

Quality Assurance Director On Call2. Call Monitoring

Calls are reviewed by the Vice President and the Operations Manager on a daily basis to ensure our high standards are always maintained and your Funeral Home receives unparalleled representation on every call. Stats are also closely monitored to ensure quick response time.

Quality Assurance Director On Call

3. In-Depth Training in the Funeral Home Profession

All Operators receive specialized training utilizing some of the key concepts as presented in Alan Wolfelt’s ‘Handbook for Funeral Home Staff,’ allowing for a seamless transfer of calls and a solid understanding and appreciation of the Funeral Home Profession.

Quality Assurance Director On Call4. Calls Evaluated by Independent Organizations

CAM-X (The Canadian Association of Message Exchanges) and ATSI (Association of TeleServices International) conduct Mystery calls on our Client’s lines to evaluate our service. The calls are then judged in areas such as courtesy, response time, accuracy, professionalism and overall knowledge of the account.

Quality Assurance Director On Call5. In-House Excellence Award

Director On Call has implemented our own In-House Award of Excellence for Call Specialist of the Year. This ensures that we are providing our Homes with the high quality, professional funeral home answering service they expect and deserve. This testing is done on a quarterly basis evaluating every Call Specialist.

Quality Assurance Director On Call6. State of the Art Technology

We recently updated our equipment to the state of the art technology. This enables our Call Specialists to provide a more streamline and effective service.

Quality Assurance Director On Call7. Award Winning Funeral Home Answering Service

Director On Call has been honored with the CAM-X Award of Excellence for 17 consecutive years of outstanding service, receiving the prestigious Diamond + Award in 2016!  In addition, we have been selected for the coveted ATSI Award of Excellence since 2003. Director On Call is a Funeral Home Answering Service you can count on!

Quality Assurance Director On Call8. Performance Ratings

Director On Call obtains performance ratings from our Clients on a regular basis. The feedback and suggestions can then be applied to each Funeral Home.