A long time ago, we realized that Director On Call is only as good as its people. In order to establish ourselves as the preeminent Funeral Home answering service:

  • We had to be prepared to find, train, and retain top-caliber talent.

  • We worked to become an authority in Telephone Answering Services.

  • We knew that our service our staff provided to your families, would be a direct reflection of you, so we focused on quality, empathy and professionalism.

  • We maintained a comprehensive training program and continued support of our Call Specialist.



Backed by 20+ years of winning industry awards, Director on Call delivers best practices in the following areas:

  • Listening: one of the most important skills for our Call Specialists, and one of the major elements of our training

  • Speaking: tone, language, first impressions, empathy, sincerity, use of positive phrases and attentiveness are all monitored and measured

  • Reading: attention to detail is paramount when following our Funeral Home client's instructions

  • Writing: Capturing the callers information, with clarity, conciseness, and correct grammar and spelling is rated on a continuous basis.



Director On Call customizes our services to fit your exact needs,:

  • After hours and break support

  • Providing funeral details to callers, handling donations or simply taking a message 24/7/365

  • Managing First Calls

  • All calls are recorded, and accessible through our on-line client portal.

  • On call schedules can be updated directly by you, and messages delivered by phone, SMS or email.