3 Advantages to Having a Specialized Answering Service

Some Funeral Homes need Receptionists to answer the door, greet families, etc. A funeral home answering service can do this or by employing them 24/7, can also be used as a Back up during normal operating hours.


One very good reason to choose a live answering service vs. a receptionist is the cost. It costs significantly less money to employ an answering service than a receptionist. Not only do you have to pay hourly wages or a salary, but you also have the added costs of benefits packages. There is also holiday and overtime pay you have to consider as well.

If you intend to have around-the-clock reception duties, you will probably have to hire more than one person to make sure the funeral home is covered. This brings in the added cost of having the funeral home always open. If you don’t have around-the-clock call answering, you miss out on money you could have made when calls and opportunities to help families are missed.


A real person at your funeral home is going to need time away for various reasons, while a live answering service uses a number of trained individuals so that there is always someone available to take calls. People need lunch breaks as well as days off for sickness and rest.

In many cases, having a 24-hour receptionist is not realistic or ideal. With a live answering service, you get that added 24-hour support you need. You don’t have to account for holidays, overtime, breaks, or sick days.


Live answering services that specialize in funeral homes provide transparent service. You get access to recorded calls to assure and maintain quality, care and professionalism. There are also no missed messages to account for. The answering service will have its own measures for quality in addition to maintaining your needs. You’ll also get support for your services from the answering service. You may have a harder time tracking what an actual person does unless you are watching them constantly, which defeats the purpose of having them.

A receptionist can be really helpful, but a live call answering service goes above and beyond by providing you with money savings, 24/7 availability, and transparent support for your funeral home.