3 Things Families Want to Hear When They Call Your Funeral Home

When a family calls your funeral home for service, they expect the person on the other end of the phone to be sympathetic and knowledgeable. There are certain things they want to hear to give them confidence in what you can deliver. Below are three things families want to hear when they call your funeral home.

1. Someone Answering the Phone

The families that call your funeral home for service want to hear a live person answer their call. Since death is unpredictable and happens on its own time, people expect to be able to reach someone at the funeral home whenever a loved one passes. Reaching a voicemail or busy signal is not what they want.

Having a person answer every call is reassuring to a family that has just lost someone. Automated voice answering can be confusing and frustrating; but with an actual person on the line, families can get their questions answered and get any information they might need.  

2. A Kind Voice

The families that call have lost someone dear to them and are experiencing many emotions including grief, stress and more. People have grown to expect funeral homes to provide a sympathetic ear and to be calm for their storms. Calling your funeral home is no different. The person answering your calls is expected to provide a kind and calming tone and experience to your callers.

At a time when families are full of emotion and grieving loss, they want to hear someone make them feel as if everything will be alright.

3. Information

Information is a necessity for families planning a funeral. When they call, they want correct, up-to-date information and families want information that they present to be conveyed as well. The person answering the phone has to instill confidence in the family that they're knowledgeable and your funeral home is capable of helping them.

Being confident and presenting information correctly and thoroughly helps assure families that your funeral home is the best place to put their loved one to rest. Lack of information will have them wondering and seeking other funeral homes.

Families that call your funeral home for service are looking for certain things they've come to expect. If your callers hear these three things, you can be sure that you're providing what they want.