3 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Funeral Home Answering Service

When selecting a funeral home answering service, you need to be able to trust that they can get the job done; they provide what both you and your families need.

1. How Long Have You Been Operating?

Although on call answering services aren't historically how funeral homes operated. Find out how long an answering service has been in operation. The only way to gain experience is through time and opportunity. Look for companies with experience.

2. How Are Agents Trained?

The people answering your phone, whether they work at the funeral home or are from an on call answering service, have a responsibility to communicate with families in an empathetic and caring manner. You expect this as well as your families. To ensure that call specialists understand and know how to conduct calls, ask about training. Is it extensive, focusing on assisting families in need? Is it specific to the needs of funeral directors? Is the training ongoing and do call specialists receive evaluations to ensure they are continuously providing high-value service?

3. What Can I Expect?

This is a very important question! It is not enough to simply trust that an on call answering service is going to provide the services you need, you have to inquire. Here are just a few of the things you should find out when asking what to expect from an answering service:

  • Services available

  • Plans and rates

  • Quality assurance measures

  • Access to calls

  • Control over funeral home information and services provided via phone

  • Call answering procedures

  • Customizable

If you are able, experience a call beforehand to ensure that their presentation lines up with your ideals and the tone, as well as the information given to the families that call you reflect positively on your funeral home.

A funeral home on call answering service is supposed to work for you. Their sole purpose is to ensure that funeral directors have an alternate route of communication with families, even when not available. You can make sure that the funeral home answering service you employ is putting your families first.