3 Tips for Answering Funeral Home Calls

Professional Advice from a Professional Funeral Home Answering Service



When a person calls a funeral home it can be a stressful situation. How the phone call is handled on your end sets the tone for your relationship with the family and the reputation of your funeral home in general. Here are a few tips on answering funeral home calls.

Be Prepared

Anything worth doing takes preparation. Callers are already grieving and looking for information to move forward. When receiving a call you should be knowledgeable. No one wants to call and wait while the person that's supposed to have the answers fumbles around. This negatively affects your reputation and families will lose confidence in your funeral home's abilities.

A little preparation goes a long way. Knowing what questions to ask and being able to accurately provide information on your services and anything else someone might need to know will help you to convey confidence to your callers.

Active Listening

During a First Call or when speaking with a family to begin arrangements for a funeral service, you're provided with a lot of information. There's also other information and cues you need to pick up on, especially if you don't meet with a family in person when making funeral arrangements. Some people share stories about the loved one that has passed or have a lot to say before they get to information deemed necessary about the deceased. It's your duty to listen carefully and take note of what is important from the things they say and don’t say.

You must also listen patiently. Even when the person is telling long stories or talking about something you think is unimportant—avoid the urge to interrupt and listen intently, asking the right questions to get what you need.

Establish Trust

It's important that families feel they can trust you and your funeral home to provide capable services. It’s your job to establish that trust. Providing conversation with kindness and being confident are helpful in making families feel at ease. Let callers know who you are and work to build a relationship.

The event of death is stressful for most. When families call in, full of emotion, you should be ready to take their call and help them through the passing of their loved one. Taking the advice above when answering funeral home calls helps you make the most of every call and leave a positive and lasting impression of your funeral home.