3 Tips for Choosing Your Next Funeral Home Live Answering Service

A funeral home live answering service provides several benefits, but funeral homes have a reputation to uphold and it can be daunting to think of relinquishing your duties and allowing someone else to handle your phone lines. When you're looking for a funeral home answering service, here are a few tips to help you choose the best service for you.

Find Out Training Practices

It's important to know training practices. As a funeral director, you know it takes a person who's sympathetic, caring, professional and detailed to provide services to those that have lost loved ones. The live answering service you look for should also know this and train accordingly. Training should also include more technical aspects such as preparing for first calls, forwarding calls, and accuracy.

Look for Experience and Understanding of Funeral Home Practices

Families require the utmost respect in addition to empathy and compassion. An experienced answering service with years of handling live calls knows the typical calls that come in and how to answer them. They understand the delicate nature of speaking with grieving families and the sensitive information discussed. They also know the importance of correctness and professionalism, not allowing their feelings to get in the way of providing excellent service.

Of equal importance is understanding what funeral homes do. Knowing how to direct calls and answer caller questions is a necessity. The live call answering service you select should have a knowledge of common practices and an overall understanding of processes, attitudes and history.

Customizable Options Available

Another helpful tip is to look for an answering service with customizable options. Generic services are not ideal. You may need different options and want to have everything operating exactly as you want. Cookie cutter call handling will likely leave your families unhappy. With options tailored to the needs of your funeral home, you can rest assured that calls are handled the way you would handle them yourself, with little room for error on the part of the live call answering service.

Not all live call answering services are created equal. You want a service that is unnoticeable to your callers. It should seem as if someone at the funeral home is answering calls and providing information. Knowing their training practices with experience and understanding of funeral practices along with a custom service plan give you confidence that you are using the right answering service.