3 Tips for Your Funeral Home to Make a Positive First Impression

You only get one first impression. People say it all the time and for good reason, because it’s true. The first time most people encounter your funeral home is over the phone, so that’s where your first impression begins. What families think of you matter—but why? Why does it matter what people who are paying you to complete a service think about how you perform? We know how to make sure that when answering your funeral home calls, your callers always hang up with a good first impression.

Importance of the First Impression

The first impression families get of your funeral home can make or break you. It can be the difference between someone choosing another funeral parlor or recommending you to others. Callers want to deal with a funeral home that's professional, sympathetic, experienced and knowledgeable. The initial contact sets the tone for how everything goes and contrary to popular thought, there are no do-overs.

Whoever is answering your funeral home calls, is responsible for creating a positive and lasting impression. Most families that call are flooded with emotions, looking to you to help them through their difficult time. If you don’t appeal to their sense of need and put your best foot forward, you’ll cause them to lose confidence in your ability immediately and you may not a get a chance to make it up.

Our First Impressions Won’t Disappoint

So how do we ensure a good first impression when answering funeral home calls? Here are a few tips to make sure every call conveys a positive message.

  • Active Listening – We focus on what people say and what they don’t, listening for helpful information and cues.

  • Prompt Answering – In the situation of a passing, answering the call before it rings too long is important. We also answer every call because families expect immediate attention after a loved one passes.

  • Be Kind – Answering funeral home calls means dealing with the emotions of others after a death, which can be all over the place. Making them comfortable and decompressing a stressful situation is essential to maintaining a positive experience.

Making sure that families start out with a positive impression of your funeral home is essential to your success. We understand how important the first impression is and when answering your funeral home calls, we start you on the path to building relationships with consistent service aimed to please.