3 Ways Funeral Directors Can Connect with the Community

3 Ways to Make Your Funeral Home a Fixture in Your Community 



As a funeral director, you help many families process grief and move on from losing loved ones. Connecting with your community is a great way to expand your reputation and be the first and only call a family makes when they lose someone. There are a few ways you can make your funeral home a fixture in your community.


When people need information, they turn to the internet. Starting a blog for your funeral home is a great way to drive people to your website. In addition to drawing potential new business, you’ll also provide information to those in your community on various topics related or even unrelated to your funeral home.

Highlight everyone you work with so your community knows you better. You can do anything from posting families’ experiences with your service to providing helpful pre-planning information. The sky really is the limit.

Host Events

Some people might see funeral homes as morbid and full of death, and funeral directors as depressed and introverted. You can change your community’s perception by hosting events and seminars to show people a different side of you and your funeral home. These could include:

  • Grief Therapy. Losing someone isn’t easy. After the funeral, some people still need help moving on. By offering classes or group meetings designed to help families cope with grief, you'll also establish relationships and build trust with community that you serve.

  • Social Events. Shake off the morbid feeling that may surround your funeral home by hosting events that center on having fun and connecting with the community. Even a simple summertime gathering hosted at the local park with cool drinks and games for the kids can help people see that you're an approachable member of the neighborhood.

  • Educational Seminars. Planning for a funeral and dealing with the complexities of losing a spouse or parent can be overwhelming for even the most prepared. Hosting seminars to provide information on life insurance, funeral pre-planning, taxes, and other similar concerns will not only provide an opportunity to connect with the community, but you can also invite other local businesses like accountants or insurance agents to provide an expert opinion.

Charity Work

Think about simple gestures such as volunteering at a senior citizens' home or bigger efforts like a fundraising event for those who cannot afford funeral services. You could also start a food and donation drives—a great way to give back to the community and show you care about those around you.

Help your funeral home make a positive impact on your community and be more than just a call to make when someone passes away. By engaging in the community, not only will more people know you, but you will also show that you care about the community around your funeral home.