3 Ways Funeral Homes Can Save Money

3 Ways Call Specialists Can Save Your Funeral Home Money



1) Cheaper Than Hiring an Additional Person 

With Call Specialists you pay by the second and only when your line rings. As a Funeral Home, you’re always seeking to minimize your overhead costs. Your current staff is already working at capacity without the added distraction of answering telephones. Instead of hiring someone either full time or part time simply hire a Funeral Home Answering Service. Call Specialists can alleviate that stress by handling inbound calls 24/7 whether your staff is in the Funeral Home or working remotely. Unlike in-office staff, you do not have to pay benefit costs, recruiting costs, vacation, sick days, snow days, raises, etc. Call Specialists are available 24/7 to take calls, no matter what.

2) Only Pay For What You Use 

Per Second Billingcan be an advantage. Calls for service details, donations etc are going to be relatively short calls. Answering Service Companies that charge on a per call basis often count call forwarding calls as a call. If the Funeral Home call forwards at lunch time and then again at the end of the day this could result in 60 calls per month. With Per Second Billing these calls will only be a few seconds each. With per-second billing, if a caller only uses 15 seconds your Funeral Home still has the 45 seconds remaining and the minute to utilize. Don't forget to ask about aFree Trialto ensure that the Answering Service is a good fit and to figure out what your monthly costs will be to ensure you are on the best rate plan possible.

3) Streamline Your Account 

A Funeral Home Answering Service can list all the names of local hospitals and nursing homes and alphabetize them with drop boxes that Call Specialists can select as opposed to having them ask your callers for spelling. They can simply click on an option in the drop boxes and insert in the First Call form.

They can gather an abundance of information on First Calls but your Funeral Home can define what pertinent information you'd like them to secure and this can also reduce the amount of time used for calls and therefore save you money.