4 Common Misconceptions of a First Call Answering Service

Advantages of Using a Funeral Home Answering Service



Many funeral homes carry on the legacy of funeral practices from times past. However, times change, and sometimes you should change with them. One thing that has changed is the notion that funeral directors need to be available 24/7. Employing a first call answering service is an option for a new age that is helping funeral directors change with the times and enjoy life more. If you are not sure if this service is for you, let’s dispel some of the common misconceptions you may have heard.

Lack of Knowledge

The biggest misconception is that a first call answering service won’t be informed on funeral and director practices and can’t competently assist families. A service dedicated to assisting funeral homes or one that takes your direction and information alleviates that problem. Services that work strictly with funeral directors have the knowledge and compassion necessary for dealing with grieving families. Other more generic but high-quality services can provide necessary assistance, but need more information from you.


Hiring a first call answering service doesn’t have to be expensive. A good service will assess your needs and tailor-make a cost effective plan. Answering services are not just for big corporations—they can actually save you money! You don’t have to have someone at the funeral home at all times to take calls; the service handles that remotely.

Service and Information

With a good service, you don’t have to worry about how calls are handled. You can ensure that agents are relaying the empathy and care that you expect. You can also review all calls and give feedback on things you liked or didn’t like. Also, with a first call answering service, you’re not out of the loop. These services employ methods to get information to you however and whenever you want, whether it’s immediately or at a convenient time. You can also have certain services handled that you don’t need to be present for. With any questions beyond their scope, you are contacted immediately.

Families Won’t Like An Answering Machine

People want to speak with a person. An answering machine at such a stressful time can lead them to look elsewhere.

Many funeral directors have little life outside of work responsibilities. You can change this with the help of a first call answering service. They can be your first line of help for families, without having to sacrifice your standards of compassion and quality information.