4 Questions to Ask Your Funeral Home Answering Service

Funeral homes are on a different plane in the way people are helped. Hiring a funeral home answering service to handle your calls can be daunting as you search for a service that you feel comfortable enough with to take the reins. Before choosing a service, you need to know what they offer. Here are four questions to ask your funeral home answering service to know if they're right for you.

What Type of Calls Do You Handle?

As a funeral director, you know it's critical to have the right demeanor with grieving family members. An answering service specializing in helping funeral directors provides a more personalized experience for callers and typically has more specific training to handle the delicate nature of funeral home calls.

What Are Your Training Methods?

The calls that funeral homes receive are unlike those found in other businesses. You deal with extreme emotions. The ways in which an answering service trains its agents is one of the most important things you need to know. Generic answering service training is not enough for call specialists to be able to deal with the types of calls funeral directors typically receive.

As a funeral director, you understand the sympathetic and knowledgeable nature necessary. The answering service should provide you with training methods and ensure that the agents can handle families in a respectful and caring manner while still providing valuable information.

Are Services Customizable?

Funeral home answering services should provide several plans to fit your needs and budget. They should also get information from you to ensure that they're giving your callers information that is unique to your funeral home.

What Services Are Offered?

You may need several options to feel comfortable with an answering service or maybe just a few. Find out what the service can do for you and what options they provide such as:

  • Call forwarding

  • Live chat

  • Calling families

When it comes to your funeral home, you want the best for your families. The same care should be taken when selecting a funeral home answering service, and these questions can help you narrow your search down to the best.