4 Reasons Why Leisure Time is Essential for Funeral Directors

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You’ve probably heard this expression, but are you aware of what it means or how true it is? It’s an old proverb that means constantly working makes you boring and bored. Everybody needs a break every now and then, especially funeral directors. You assist families in some of their most difficult times and it can get overwhelming. Here are four reasons your leisure time is so important.

Avoid Burnout/Compassion Fatigue

Burnout and compassion fatigue are real problems that many funeral directors face during their years of service. Dealing with either can take a toll on your health, your life, and those around you. Most sufferers become susceptible because their energy is spent serving others. Though this seems like the model of success, it leads to problems that outweigh it.

Your leisure time is essential because it can help you avoid falling to the effects of compassion fatigue and burnout.

Connect with the Living

Being surrounded by death all the time is morbid and can affect you in ways you might not recognize right away. Your leisure time allows you to forge relationships with the living. Making connections with others goes a long way to maintaining emotional and mental stability when you find yourself being overtaken by the emotions surrounding a person’s death.

Enjoy Life

Difficulties arise when you spend most of your time planning funeral services for the dead and carrying a family’s grief on your shoulders. Time off from the funeral home is yours to enjoy anything life offers. Whether you read a few books from your favorite author or go on a family trip, being able to take the time to immerse yourself in your own life and finding things you enjoy doing is another reason your personal time is so important.  


If you’re like most people, you care a great deal about your well-being. This doesn’t show, however, when you’re constantly working. Your time away from the funeral home is important because it helps you to develop a healthy level of selfishness. That time can be well spent learning and loving yourself.

Funeral directors take serving grieving families seriously, sometimes forgetting to enjoy leisure time away. This is a mistake because that free time is essential to maintaining work-life balance. If you don't prioritize your free time, consider how essential it is to your well-being.