4 Reasons You Need a Live Answering Service for Your Funeral Home

The role of a funeral director never really ends. Because death is unpredictable, you are always on call. But when you cannot answer a call, what do you do? Whether with another family, on another call, away from the funeral home, or just occupied with something else, a live answering service for your funeral home offers a viable option for those times you are unavailable. Here are four reasons you really need one.

1. End Missed Calls

With an answering service, there is no need to worry about missing calls from families in need. Other options such as voicemail or automated systems that send callers through various sequences before getting to a live person are frustrating and cause more stress to families reeling from losing a loved one. In a time when families are grieving, hearing a caring voice is reassuring and helps settle emotions.

2. Caller Experience

What greeting do your families receive when calling? A live answering service for funeral homes brings specialized understanding of your unique needs. They know that compassion is a key element and understand that listening is essential, and that the two combined provide a powerful representation for your funeral home in addition to comforting people going through difficult and emotional times.

Empathy, along with professionalism, is what you deliver to the families you serve every day. A funeral home must go beyond great; you have to be supportive, kind, understanding and available. These are the keystones to a great experience for your callers. When you are not available, an answering service is ready to step in and provide that same care.

3. Savings

Hiring an in-house receptionist is pricey and still leaves you vulnerable. You have to consider salary, benefits and time off.  With a live answering service, funeral homes can cut costs. Instead of paying the salary of a receptionist, you select an affordable plan with guaranteed availability.

4. Freedom

While assisting people through mourning loss is your calling, there are times you need to step away and regain a sense of self. With a live answering service, your funeral home continues operating even when you are away. This gives you new levels of freedom; time to spend your way with little interruption.

A live answering service is an extension of your funeral home, providing your families with a seamless call experience, conveniently saving you time and money.