4 Things Families Never Want to Experience When Calling a Funeral Home

Calling a funeral home to make arrangements after a loved one passes is hard for families to do.When the call is made to your funeral home, these families have high expectations for the service they receive. Here are four things families never want to experience when they call your funeral home.

Distracted/Unhelpful People on the Other Line

Gathering information is a crucial part of what you do. A family is likely to get annoyed if they feel the person handling their call isn’t paying attention. To them, the death of their loved one is the most important thing in the world at that time, and they expect the person helping them to feel the same way or at least convey that it is.

Those calling your funeral home are seeking help. So if the person on the other line is unhelpful, it leads to a counterproductive situation. Assistance is expected, and the person answering calls should be knowledgeable and able to relay information as necessary.

Transfers and Repeating the Same Information Over and Over

Another very frustrating experience for your callers is being transferred and having the same information repeated or having to repeat the same information. A streamlined process is expected, and families need structure and organization during their time of grief to reduce stress.

Going to Voicemail During Regular Hours

Being directed to voicemail after hours might be expected or tolerated, but when your funeral home is open, families are expecting someone to answer the phone. Whether they’re reporting a death or want to make arrangements, time is critical and being sent to voicemail makes them feel unimportant.

A funeral home is expected to be sympathetic and professional during the worst times for a family. You don’t want to provide a bad experience for the people you serve. It will tarnish your reputation. By taking heed of things families don’t want to experience when calling your funeral home, you can ensure their experience is a positive one.