4 Ways Call Recording Will Benefit Your Funeral Home


Can recording calls really help with quality assurance? You might have this feature available for your calls, and it can do more for you than you think. Here are a few benefits of call recording.

Caller Satisfaction

Knowing how the interactions between callers and call handlers proceed is one of the best benefits of call recording. No matter who answers the call, being able to go back can ensure that families are being treated the way you want. If there is a complaint, you can listen to the call(s) associated with it to find out where the problem lies.

Training and Improvement

Another benefit of call recording is you can figure out common issues for callers and fix them. If the information that callers need isn’t readily available, the callers are in turn given the runaround. Listening to call recordings can give you insight on where you can make changes to training and what needs to be improved. You are also able to ensure that you are in compliance with any regulations as well.

Readily Available Information

You might notice when listening to calls, that there are some questions many callers tend to have or some vital information that continues to come up in calls. This allows you to understand what your answering service or other call handlers need to answer calls effectively. You could make more information available on your website that people constantly need. This benefits your reputation because you are anticipating your families’ needs.

Knowing Why Families Call

Of course, families are calling because they need information or want to set up services for their deceased loved ones. With properly used call recording, however, you can get specific details as to the frequency of certain types of calls, why most callers call, and more. If callers call to find out hours or location information, you could have an automatic recording that presents this information while they wait.

Obtain Missed/Forgotten Information

It's human to forget things or get things wrong sometimes. Recording all phone interactions can help you find information that you might have missed or forgotten.

Call recording is a handy tool that can benefit your funeral home by making sure everyone is accountable for their calls and that your callers are getting everything they need.