4 Ways for Funeral Directors to Achieve Work-Life Balance

How to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

For funeral directors on call 24/7, juggling work and home life is a challenge. You’re dedicated to providing compassionate service to other families, but what about your own? What about yourself? It may be difficult to prioritize between work and other things, but to obtain balance and enjoy everything without copious amounts of stress, you should strive to attain this goal.

Prioritize Your Time

When you’re working, focus on work. When you’re home, focus on home. The idea seems simple enough, but implementing it can be daunting with 24/7 on-call availability. Talk to those you work with and let them know that during certain times or hours you’ll be unavailable except in an emergency they can’t handle. Let your family and friends know the same. Give yourself a few minutes to unplug from work before jumping into something and get your mind ready for work before heading in.

Schedule “Me Time”

Do something for yourself. You might enjoy fishing, reading a book, or shopping. Whatever brings you enjoyment or relaxation, make it a rule to do it regularly. Without caring for yourself, the scales tip hard to work, and you can't keep that up long. When you break down, everyone connected to you suffers, so avoid this by peeling away a little time for yourself.  

Get Support

Funeral directors don’t work alone. Typically you’ll have others that either feel the same way you do or can sympathize with your situation. Either way, let them know what you’re trying to do, and more than likely they’ll be on board with however you go about your plan. You should trust others to handle things so you can get away for periods of time, whether for a vacation or a few minutes to clear your mind.

Take Advantage of Outsourcing

Being on call 24/7 and directing service arrangements takes work and focus, but you don’t have to do it alone. Take advantage of different services that make your life easier. A few examples are:

  • Phone answering services

  • Management Software

  • Body pickup/delivery

Being a funeral director does not mean you cannot unplug and enjoy life--it means you need to. Your personal life is as important as your work life. If you fail to balance the two, you’ll do your position, your family, and yourself more harm than good. Use these tips to jump start a better-rounded life, from work to play.