5 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips for Funeral Directors

Funeral Home Answering Service Tips: July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month



As a Funeral Director, you work in a sensitive profession. One of your biggest concerns in treating your families with dignity and always being respectful. Cell phones are a communication tool that most people cannot work without. However, cell phones in the workplace must be used with a professional level of etiquette. There's no doubt that you do practice cell phone courtesy everyday but here are a few tips to refresh what you already know.

#1 Remember to keep your phone on vibrate rather than leave the ringer on.

#2 Do not use your cell phone while driving. As a Funeral Director, you may see a lot of car fatalities and distracted driving is one of the main causes of vehicle accidents.

#3 Always be conscious of the volume of your voice. If you must take a phone call remove yourself from other people and speak in a normal volume. Perhaps the phone call is regarding a sensitive matter and should be treated as such in a professional manner.

#4 Be present when having an in-person conversation with someone. Refrain from constantly checking your phone while someone is speaking to you.

#5 Utilize text messaging to limit your inbound and outbound calls.

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