5 Positive Ways for Funeral Directors to Cope With Stress

Tips for Dealing with Job Stress



The responsibility of handling funeral arrangements can be stressful. As a Funeral Director, you lend your compassion to families that are grieving on a regular basis, and it’s not uncommon for everything involved in being a funeral director to cause you stress. There are many ways to handle stress, both positive and negative. Handling the stress that comes along with helping others through grief should be done in a positive way to ensure you maintain a happy, healthy life.

Get a Hobby

Your leisure time, whether brief or long, should be spent on things unrelated to work. Picking up a hobby, whether it's painting, fishing, or reading books, gives you some down time to relax and pull away from day-to-day stress. With an answering service for directors, taking a little time away won't be a problem. Your calls will be handled.     

Family and Friends

Spend time with the people you love. You’re always on call, but make time to enjoy with your loved ones.

Become Tech Savvy

Funeral homes are expected to run a certain way because it’s always been done, but there’s nothing wrong with embracing technology. Employing technology such as an answering service for directors will allow you the ability to pull away from the work without missing a beat.         

Smell the Roses

Being surrounded by death can make anyone depressed or feel gloomy about life at times, but instead of looking at it negatively, embrace the positive. YOU are alive. Take time to reflect on your life and live it to its fullest. Although cliché, doing this will help you when stress arises from your responsibilities.

Take Pride

As someone who helps families while they’re mourning loss, your position should be something you enjoy doing. Take joy and pride in knowing that you’re helping these families move forward and cope with the death of someone they loved.       Being privy to the grief of others and having to continually maintain composure as the rock that a family needs, all while conducting other duties such as finances, making arrangements, and paperwork, can be a lot to handle. How you combat these stressors and maintain a healthy, positive attitude is essential to your staying power. The above techniques are positive ways to deal with the stress you encounter. Your role is important, but it’s also important to take care of yourself.