5 Reasons Your Funeral Home Needs an Answering Service

A nurse phoning in a first call, a panicked call from a family reeling with grief, a call inquiring about available services – normal calls for you. Along with these are your daily duties such as meetings, funeral services and making arrangements for which you are generally unable to answer the phone. Missing a call, whether during “normal” business hours or not is not an option for your funeral home. Here are five reasons you need a funeral home live answering service.

#1 - Increased Availability

Death is the one constant in life, yet so unpredictable. First calls can come in at any time and you have to be ready to gather information and pick up the body, even at 3 am. Families may have questions or need to set appointments; physicians or police may need to reach your funeral home, and there are times when you just can’t get the phone.

With a funeral home live answering service, whether in use for after-hours calls only or 24/7, you create an avenue where you no longer miss calls. Having a live person available at all times speaks volumes to families in need.

#2 - Efficiency & Professionalism

Having all calls funnel through one source, where all information, scheduling, and appointments are made helps your funeral home operate more efficiently and also makes your funeral home look and function professionally.

#3 - Cost Savings/Revenue Increase

A funeral home live answering service is less expensive than hiring a full time receptionist, which saves you money on a salary, benefits, and more. This cost savings is multiplied with increased revenue from impeccable service that keeps families coming back and providing referrals.

#4 - Increased Productivity

When you don’t have to answer every single call, you're able to focus better, which leads to more productivity. With that extra time you can complete other tasks.

#5 - Personal Time

The thought of true personal time for a funeral director was once a distant dream, but now with a funeral home live answering service it becomes a reality. With more time to yourself, you can go on a real vacation, spend more time with family and friends, or even rest!

The benefits of a funeral home live answering service continue to grow. These are just a few of the reasons you need an answering service to keep the families you serve more than satisfied and your funeral home operating at maximum potential.