6 Benefits of Call Screening and Automatic Number Identification

How These Features Can Save You Money

Funeral Homes receive many telemarketer calls per day, everyday. These calls cost you money. They cost you valuable time as a Funeral Director and if you're with an answering service, billable time on your account.

Call Screening can:

1) Block Telemarketer Numbers

Those pesky telemarketer calls can be blocked by your answering service using Call Screening.

2) Reduce Call-Back Confusion

Sometimes, families can be so distraught about the passing of a loved one that when they are making a First Call they leave an incorrect call-back number. This can be passed on to the Funeral Director from the answering service and the family cannot be reached. Call Display eliminates this issue by auto populating the number the family is calling from. If necessary, an alternate number can also be requested as a back up measure.

Automatic Number Identification allows you to:

3) Call forward with out talking to an operator.

With Automatic Number Identification, an operator call forwarding will become aware of the caller's phone number and automatically thank them for forwarding their lines as well as give them the option to go to an operator and arrive in check-in mode ready to get their messages. This will reduce the live operator time and subsequently the billable time.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

You call in the evening to forward your phone lines 28-30 times per month and each time you do this you interact with a live operator for 30 seconds (for example). That equals out to 15 minutes per month at a rate of $1.25 per minute. Therefore, you have spent $18.75 just by turning your phone lines over for the evening!

4) Screen out nuisance calls.

Screening out "demon diallers" and companies that make tens of thousands of calls (solicitors, etc.) can be excluded from your answering service bill by having our system recognize their caller ID and dumping these calls before an operator ever has to speak with them.

5) Automate the population of a callers number into answering scripts.

The ANI information can be automatically populated into your answering script. This allows the operator to overwrite the number if they are leaving a different call back number.

6) Achieve call recovery.

In the event a caller is cut off or even hangs up before the operator can provide the caller's phone number, the operator can re-establish the call or you can call and follow up if the call was simply abandoned.

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