A Veterans Day Story of Honor: An Old Warrior by Larry Cappetto

"When you see tears in the eyes of a teenager, you know you've touched them!"

This Veterans day, we need to take the time to remember the sacrifices that people like War War ll Navy Veteran Lewis Johnson made. He was 19 when he was shipped off the Europe and trained to kill people. He witnessed horrors that no one should ever have to, especially at such a young age. He explains in this documentary that he never spoke of his war experience before meeting Larry Cappetto, but now he feels that he should share it with the teenagers of today. The "V.I.P's" is how he refers to them.

He has a deep respect for the youth generation and wants to make sure they're aware of the sacrifices that were made and are currently being made by their family and friends who fight for their country.

"An Old Warrior" is a beautifully crafted, gracefully woven story of honor and duty, featuring one of the few remaining heroes from the greatest generation. This poignant story is a reflective look into the last days of World War II, Navy Veteran, Lewis Johnson. It highlights his relentless efforts to share his generation's story of courage and survival with today's younger generation in our schools. "Freedom is not free, freedom is earned. We have to earn our freedoms." Mr. Johnson's message of hope and freedom has touched and changed many young lives as witnessed and documented in this film. 

Watch the film.

Make sure to take the time today to remember those brave men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces.