After The Funeral - When Is The Service Really Over?

Families often look toward a funeral service director before, during and even after a service for comfort, empathy, and understanding. Creating a strong aftercare service for your Funeral Home is a wonderful way to reach out to your community, provide a valuable service, and increase awareness of the type of services you offer.

Four Ideas For Unique Aftercare Services

  • A Holiday Memorial Service For Loved Ones
    Holding an annual memorial service for all of your families around the holiday season is a wonderful way to reconnect with your families, and to provide ongoing support.

  • Grief Counseling
    Seek out local grief therapists, and invite them to meet with your families. Hold a monthly group session at your home to help support the bereaved members in your community.

  • A Lending Library
    Offer access to a library of self-help books on how to deal with loss and overcome grief. Encourage your families to borrow material to help to learn the best ways to cope.

  • Sponsor Social Events
    After a loss relatives and friends of the deceased may find it difficult to engage in social interaction. Encourage them by hosting a variety of social events throughout the year.

Starting these aftercare programs in your Funeral Home can help a funeral service director better serve the community with compassion, while promoting your Funeral Home.