Beyond Price: How Live Funeral Home Answering Affects Your Bottom Line

The Value an Answering Service Can Bring to Your Funeral Home



When using a live answering service for your funeral home, cost is important, but it shouldn’t be the only measurement you use. There are many answering services available, some good and others not. You have to consider the price versus the value of services received, as well as the level of service rendered to your families.

The True Cost

You find out the price you pay for an answering service up front — the price per call and any other services included. However, the true cost is in the value provided by the live answering service. You can’t really quantify what an experienced answering service that specializes in serving funeral homes gives you; the peace of mind knowing that every call is answered with the sympathy, professionalism, understanding and courteousness that your families expect.

People prefer experience and great service from any business, but it's especially important with funeral homes because of the nature of the calls and needs of the families. If you asked, you would find that most people would pay more for service they deemed valuable. This doesn’t just mean being nice; it also means being able to correctly answer people’s questions, not having to transfer calls to get answers, not placing callers on long holds, and being knowledgeable. All of these components should be considered when counting the true cost of an answering service and what value it can truly bring to your funeral home.

Families Recognize Value — and Share

For your funeral home, bad service received by your families leads to loss in business and negatively impacts your reputation. People usually share their experiences with others, whether their service was good or bad. Recommendations from family and friends go a long way because people are more likely to try something suggested by others they trust. In this digital age, info spreads instantly, and people are more likely to share their experiences. When families receive great service from you, they tell others. Great service stands alone, but word of mouth boosts it.

The price of the live answering service is important to your budget, but the quality of the service you receive affects so much more — your bottom line. The cost and value of an answering service is more than your price per call; it's in every service rendered and the perception of the services received by families.