Comparing Funeral Home Answering Services: 5 Questions to Ask

What to Ask When Comparing Answering Services for Your Funeral Home

Before making the commitment to a funeral home answering service, you should compare the different choices. For your answering service, you need call operators that supply compassion, detailed attention, respect, and urgency, so it’s essential to choose a service that encompasses these aspects as well as other necessary components. When comparing answering services for your funeral home, ask these questions to make sure the company is a good fit for you.

  1. How long have you been providing services for funeral directors?

You want a service that has experience providing phone answering services to funeral homes. The duties of a funeral director are unlike many others, and great attention has to be paid to how bereaving individuals are treated. They expect sympathy and knowledge, and experience is the best teacher. A company with years of positive experience in funeral home answering services will provide the quality you’re looking for.

2. What training do your call specialists receive?

Training for answering phones correctly, providing and receiving the right information, and recording that information is essential. There is no room for error because your reputation is on the line; and a phone call, especially that initial contact, could be the breaking point for gaining a person or losing them. Expect transparency as to how the call specialists are prepared.

3. What technology is in place and available to me?

As technology continues to advance, the funeral home answering service should be keeping up with it. You should know what they have in place to ensure that all calls are received. Find out what measures they have available, such as text messaging, call recording, live chat, back-up measures and more.

4. What are your quality assurance measures?

Find out how calls are monitored. You should be able to listen to any calls they have taken and make suggestions or changes based on what fits you. Their standards should be in line with yours.

5. What packages/prices are available and can they be customized?

Answering services should provide a variety of rate plans. They should also provide flexibility in those plans to fit your needs. Ask about how their services can be tailored to reflect your requirements.

Trusting a funeral home answering service with grieving families is an important decision. With these questions, you’ll be able to make an informed choice and pick the answering service that provides everything you would to families during a difficult time.