Compassion is Key Ingredient in Answering Services for Funeral Homes

Compassion, Not a Business Transaction



Funeral homes have a reputation for exhibiting compassion, trust, expertise, and professionalism to the families they serve. When you hire a funeral home answering service, the call specialists should convey those same characteristics to your callers, giving them the feeling they are speaking with your funeral home directly and not an outside agent. Most importantly, grieving families should be presented with a kind and compassionate call experience that provides them with needed information without leaving them feeling alienated.

The Kindness Factor

Funeral home answering service staff should be trained to help families on a daily basis as they go through the stressful situation of losing a loved one. It’s important that your answering service understands how to correctly deal with the emotions of your callers and how to be sympathetic to their situation. Families need sensitivity and understanding while dealing with grief and stress.

During a call, answering service operators need to remain calm and kind, even with callers’ overwhelming emotions. Of course, obtaining information is important, but if families don’t feel the agent is sympathetic to their situation or expressing compassion over their loss, they’ll assume that same service will apply to the rest of the services to be provided.

Expert Training

Call specialists are your first line of communication with families needing the assistance of funeral homes. If that first impression isn’t one of kindness that ensures their situation is a priority, this can lead them to look elsewhere. These callers are expected to trust their deceased one's final resting place to your funeral home, and that trust starts with the first call.

In addition to kindness, callers expect to get accurate information and have their information accurately received. Specialists should be trained to navigate a caller’s emotions while obtaining everything necessary to provide services. Training should be a priority for the service you’re using, from technology to how to answer calls and get information. They should gently inquire about callers’ needs and be patient, listening intently. Call specialist training should make them experts on your funeral home’s practices, so they’re equally equipped to inform callers about your services.

The first person families speak with when calling your funeral home sets the tone for how your services are viewed. Your call specialists need to be compassionate, kind, and experts at giving and receiving information in stressful, emotional situations. Your reputation depends on their expertise.