Creative Post-Memorial Gathering Ideas

Turquoise plates holding food while people join together to eat a meal.

Once the memorial service is over, many families like to gather and spend more time together in a laid back setting. Many post-memorial gatherings are low-key events where a few dishes are passed and stories are shared. However, there is plenty of room to get creative with the post-memorial gathering. Here are a few ideas to share with families looking to do something a bit out of the ordinary.

Watch the deceased loved one's favorite movie.

This idea works best with smaller groups. Everyone can gather around the television and watch their deceased loved one's favorite movie. They may reminisce about times they viewed that same movie with their loved one or chat about everyone's favorite scenes. 

Play music that the deceased enjoyed.

Did the deceased loved one have a favorite band or a genre of music that they really enjoyed? Families can play that music in the background as they engage in whatever activities they desire at the post-memorial gathering. For a more formal affair, everyone can observe a moment of silence as they listen to the loved one's favorite song.

Serve their favorite foods.

A post-memorial gathering during which the loved one's favorite foods are served is a nice final goodbye. The family can also serve their favorite cocktail or wine if alcohol is to be served. From that day on, whenever anyone in the family orders or makes those favorite foods, it will remind them of their loved one and the beautiful memorial service.

Play a game they loved.

If the deceased loved a certain board game, or perhaps even a lawn game, their family can spend a little time together playing that game. This is sure to inspire memories of playing the game with the loved one who has passed. They may even want to use the loved one's game set to make the experience even more personalized.

Watch home movies.

If there are any home movies of the loved one who has passed, gathering everyone together to view some of them is a good way to end the day of the memorial service. Family members will enjoy recalling times passed when the deceased was younger and vibrant.

Recommend these creative additions to families who want to honor their loved one with a post-memorial gathering. Each one has its own unique twist but will end the day on a positive, loving note.