Does Your Funeral Home Answering Service Have the Personal Touch?

3 Ways to Determine If Your Funeral Home Answering Service is Providing the Best Service

All funeral home answering services are not equal. Some provide a generic on call answering service, while others provide specialized services. A specialized answering service will undoubtedly be more prone to having that personal touch that sets them apart and provides you with a seamless on call answering service that families will never know isn’t a receptionist in your parlor. How can you tell if your funeral home answering service is providing you with a personalized experience?

Knowledgeable of Funeral Practices

They may not be experts, but having a general knowledge of what you do is important to providing a personal experience to your callers. The families you service expect to speak with someone that knows how to help them and answer their questions. A personal touch starts with helpful information and being able to convey knowledge about your funeral home to callers. Death occurs at all times, and a service should be available to take calls around the clock.

Understanding Callers’ Emotions

When families call your funeral home, they are dealing with a lot of stress and their emotions might be all over the place. An on-call answering service with personalized service should also understand the distress these families are in and how to handle them accordingly. Professional communication that conveys sympathy and compassion are expected when providing a personal touch. Your on call answering service should not rush callers through or unnecessarily place them on hold because this will inevitably frustrate them. For a personalized touch, your families should call in to a comforting voice.

Transparency and Customization

Personalized service for you should include transparency. You should be able to get viable information from your call answering service as to what they do and how they perform. You should have access to call recordings. With this access you should be able to give feedback and have them addressed.

Your answering service should provide a personalized approach to your service. You can have your messages and calls delivered at your convenience and how you want. Call specialists should follow your specific protocol for your funeral home.

An on-call answering service for funeral homes can make or break you. They are expected to provide that same personal touch that you would. An answering service that is providing a personal touch will be knowledgeable, compassionate, and provide you with avenues to check out how calls are handled.