Establishing Boundaries Helps Funeral Directors Serve Better

You set boundaries in many areas of your life, but when it comes to your funeral home, you are open. You probably think being available 24/7 helps your funeral home, but setting boundaries can actually help funeral directors serve better. Establishing boundaries and having the opportunity to disengage from your duties will help you maintain a positive attitude towards your work.

Constant Availability Leads to Stress

Without boundaries, you're completely open. For years, funeral directors haven’t set boundaries and basically maintained an open door policy. Without boundaries at the funeral home, you run the risk of developing high amounts of stress which can lead to problems such as burnout, compassion fatigue, physical problems or even wanting to quit serving others.

Boundaries Make Serving Easier

Establishing boundaries in your funeral home allows you to disconnect every once in a while or on a regular basis. You are able to recharge your mind and body as well as gather strength from being with the people you love uninterrupted. Instead of taking every 3AM phone call, personally handling every First Call or heading up to the funeral home and having to break away from your personal time, you can create some boundaries or rules to help you cope with the stress of helping grieving families.

A few tips for creating boundaries include:

  • Employ a live answering service

  • Carve out time where you don’t deal with funeral-related work

  • Take time to clear your mind from daily work stress

  • Take breaks regularly

  • Fully engage in time with family and friends

  • Let someone handle duties when you're away

Setting boundaries ultimately helps funeral directors. Where burnout and compassion fatigue could easily occur, striking a balance and setting boundaries helps you to continue to enjoy serving others in their time of need. You should even set mental boundaries on how involved you become with the families you serve. Although this may seem difficult because you are flooded with their emotions, keeping a positive attitude and leaving their pain at the funeral home instead of dragging it around in your mind does a lot to keep your spirits up.

Establishing boundaries may seem impossible because as funeral directors, you are expected to be sympathetic which makes it easier for you to take on others' stress and not want to disconnect. If you set the boundaries, you’ll see that you are better at helping others and maintaining balance.