Evaluating the Quality of a Funeral Home Answering Service

Your funeral home provides families with quality service encompassing compassion and professionalism. Your answering service should do the same. To uphold your reputation and ensure the families you serve are receiving the best possible assistance from your answering service, evaluate their claims to make certain your service truly is the best.

Are Quality Services Provided?

Training is a key element to the overall quality of any answering service. There are many answering services, but the best answering service provides funeral-home specific service. Generic services will not give you quality performance because they may not understand the importance of the specific skills necessary to assist those dealing with the grief of losing a loved one.

The best answering service for funeral homes understands the nature of your calls and the distress and emotional needs of your callers. Training will reflect this, with empathetic call specialists who are knowledgeable about the needs of funeral homes (and more specifically your funeral home), and will incorporate proper call-handling techniques.

Training should incorporate information specific to your funeral home so call specialists are able to inform your callers of basic information. They should be able to:

  • Seamlessly transfer calls

  • Take messages/gather information

  • Understand urgent/non-urgent calls

  • Answer every call quickly

  • Provide relevant information

  • Follow up with families when necessary

  • Be available 24/7/365

  • Dispatch necessary services

Is Transparency Important?

Transparency is a good indicator of whether an answering service can make the grade. Characteristics of transparency from the best answering service include:

  • Call recording with access

  • In-house evaluations

  • Quality control measures

  • Evaluations by independent organizations

  • Simplicity in billing

Technology and Options

Other characteristics of the best answering service include providing you with options and technology maintenance.

Can you sign up for a plan? Are plans customized? Do they offer ways to reduce billable time, such as text or email?

Technology has made connecting with people possible in different ways. From phone calls and email to text messaging and live chat, you can efficiently serve families before you see them. Answering services should provide these options to your funeral home.

You work hard to ensure that the deceased and their grieving families receive the best care and service. Your answering service should perform at the same level. In an atmosphere where compassion, professionalism, and empathy are necessary traits, you want the best answering service for the job. If you graded your answering service, would it make the cut?