Frequently Asked Questions About a Funeral Home Answering Service

FAQ's and Concerns that Funeral Homes Have About an Answering Service

LINDA- MURPHY-KREIMES-director-on-call

LINDA- MURPHY-KREIMES-director-on-call

Our Sales Manager Linda Murphy-Kreimes shares the most common questions and concerns she hears from potential clients seeking a Funeral Home Answering Service.

What are the questions the Funeral Homes have when they’re thinking about hiring a Funeral Home Answering Service?

The main concern is how do we know what to say and what to do. 

The combination of our intense training program and detailed account set up allows us to represent our Funeral Homes in a transparent manner. We have everything available at our fingertips from asking if appropriate to offer condolences to information collected on First Calls. Using one First Call form for families and one for facilities ensures we gather required information as set out by our Funeral Homes, nothing less, nothing more.

What other concerns might they have?

Not being next door. Some Funeral Homes have used the same answering service for years. They mention that they know their area and are familiar with all the Hospitals and Nursing Homes, directions within their community etc. They are concerned with us being out of State or Province.  

What are the solutions you provide to the concerns you mentioned?

We have fine tuned our account set up enabling us to offer seamless representation. We ask for all the local Hospitals and Nursing Homes which we alphabetize with drop boxes so we can insert into the First Call form eliminating the need to ask for spelling. We ask for specific directions with landmarks. I remember running late for a service myself at a Funeral Home out of area and called from my cell phone to get directions and the answering service could not assist me. This Funeral Home has since come on service with Director On Call and were pleasantly surprised at our detailed customization.

Is cost a concern for Funeral Homes?    

Cost is always a concern as Funeral Homes have a lot of overhead. If they have been with the same answering service for years they know what they pay on average. Director On Call offers competitively priced packages with a plan to suit all budgets and needs. 

This is another reason we offer a 1 month free trial. It gives our Funeral Homes an opportunity to confirm quality in addition to average costs. I also work closely thereafter with our Funeral Homes to ensure they are on the appropriate rate plan. Per second billing can also be an advantage. Calls for service details, donations etc are going to be relatively short calls. Answering Service Companies that charge on a per call basis often count call forwarding calls as a call. If the Funeral Home call forwards at lunch time and then again at the end of the day this could result in 60 calls per month. With Director On Call these calls will only be a few seconds each.