Funeral Business Advisor: James Reid Funeral Home

A Funeral Home Success Story: Serving the Needs of All

James Reid Funeral Home is dedicated to helping others, not just families who require their services but the Kingston community as a whole. Their staff supports over one hundred charities and organizations in the Kingston area.

Beyond their funeral services, they also provide pre-need seminars open to the community called Public Education Nights. They have a presentation and reflection on a grief related topic.

"Jim’s successful business is also built on excellent customer service. He has been using the services of Director on Call for many years now because having his families served 24 hours a day is very important to him. Jim related a story about a woman who came in the next day after speaking with Brenda and asked to see her. Brenda, a Director on Call operator had spoken with her the night before with compassion and empathy and she wanted to thank her. “She didn’t realize that Brenda was with Director on Call; she thought she worked at the funeral home. Director on Call’s operators really help our families,” said Jim."Director On Call has been answering for James Reid Funeral Home since 1980!

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