Funeral Directors: 3 Tips for Disengaging from Your Work at the End of the Day

How to Disengage from Your Work and Achieve Work/Life Balance

It’s so easy to bring work home with you. This is especially true for funeral directors. With calls at any hour, it can be hard to truly disengage from your duties at the funeral home and transition into your home life, making work/life balance hard to conquer. Here are a few tips that make it easier to disconnect from work and enjoy off time.

Transition Time

The moment you leave work, your mind is probably still reeling with things you’ve done or need to do. In order to disengage, you need some time to transition from work mode. This can start once you reach home, or better yet, on the way home.

On the way home you could listen to your favorite tunes and get lost (just a little) in the music, or listen to your favorite audio book. When you get home, take 15–30 minutes to transition out of work mode. Make sure you let your family know you need a little time to close up on work and transition. This will give you time to finish and put away anything you brought home from work, and to relax and take your focus off of your funeral director duties.

Family Moments

After you’ve taken the time to unwind, spend some time with family and friends. Engaging with people you love will help you disengage from work. Make a nice meal to enjoy with your family. If you are enjoying and spending your time with loved ones, your mind won’t continuously cycle back to your work responsibilities and you’ll find it easier to transition away from your duties at the funeral home.

Relax a Little

After family time, or before, take a little time to do something for yourself—maybe taking a nice relaxing shower or a moment to meditate, or enjoying a little TV time or an article. These are all good ways to relax, take care of yourself, and get your mind off work.

Though it can be tough to separate your work and home life, this is important for funeral directors. Balancing the two will help you perform better at work and home. Unwinding after work, spending time with loved ones, and taking time for yourself are simple ways that you can ensure work stays at the funeral home and that you fully disengage and enjoy your time off.