Funeral Directors: Coping with Too Much to Do

Funeral directors can feel a little overwhelmed at times when you feel as if you have too much to do. When the stress of your daily tasks start weighing on you, a few tips can help you cope with your bursting schedule.

Organize Your Agenda

Some of your tasks are completed daily and others on some other time scale. Before you start combating tasks, organize and record the things you need to get done. It can be hard to remember several tasks, or even one at times. You shouldn’t try to keep everything in your head. Even in grade school, you learn that taking notes and writing things down will help you learn and retain information.

Instead of trying to remember your to-do list, write out an actual list. You’ll spend less time focusing on trying to recall tasks and more time actually working and being productive. Your families will appreciate that you don’t forget meetings, prepare arrangements for services according to their expectations, and don’t mess up the paperwork of their deceased loved ones.

Be Present

It can be easy to let your thoughts wander or think about everything in your life. Instead of thinking ahead, live in the moment. Not in a way that you do nothing because you’re enjoying every moment, but in a way that you do tasks as you have the ability. When completing work, focus only on what you're trying to do at that time. 

You may need to separate yourself from things that can distract you, such as mobile devices or people. But being present will help you focus on the task at hand. This comes in handy when speaking with families because they expect your undivided attention. If you're worried about stepping away from the phones, a live answering service will ensure that callers get personalized attention while you're busy.

Things Happen

Expect for things not to go as planned. Surprises and monkey wrenches get thrown into life all the time, so don’t be militant with your tasks. Set the things you need to complete so that you can get to them as you are able. Allow yourself to take a break if necessary.

Having too much to do can overwhelm you and cause stress and burnout, but you can cope and get things done. Following these rules can help you make the most of every day and be productive at the funeral home and your own home.