Funeral Directors: Don't Forget to Care for Yourself!

Being a funeral director is considered a calling. It is something not everyone has the ability to do. Whether you are dealing with the grief of a family, making funeral arrangements for the deceased or logging hours completing paperwork, the things you do have meaning to others. It can consume your life if you let it — especially when you consider the fact that death is on its own time and you never know when someone will need your services. In light of this, remember in the midst of caring for everyone else (your family/friends included) to take care of yourself.

Take a Vacation

This might be easier said than done, especially if you are constantly on call. However, take the time to get away from the funeral home. Even if all you do is sit around the house, a few days with the people you love can do wonders for you emotionally. Your emotional connection with people that love and care about you are important to your mental well-being.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is important to your overall health and wellness. Funeral directors are at higher risk for mental issues, burnout and loneliness because of the nature of the work done. Dealing with others’ grief and the constant barrage of other people’s emotions can take a toll.

One way to take care of yourself (that is important for everyone, not just funeral directors) is maintaining healthy lifestyle choices:

  • Exercise

  • Sleep well

  • Eat a balanced diet

Enjoy Your Self

Caring for yourself means being selfish sometimes. You do not just carry your own burdens; as funeral directors, you also carry the emotions of others. The selflessness with which you work to help families through a difficult time is commendable. It's easy to focus on helping others, while in the process you forget about yourself.

Caring for yourself is as important as anything else you do for your well-being. You can take a few minutes a day doing something just for you. This could include:

  • Taking a walk

  • Reading a book

  • Getting a massage

  • Go to the movies

  • Playing a game

  • Taking a fun class (cooking, painting and more)

It can be easy to take your life for granted, putting everything into your funeral home and helping people. For the sake of sustainability, remember to care for yourself. Funeral directors need a life and love too!