Funeral Directors: The Value of a Telephone Call in Today's World

Technology has helped this ever-changing and growing world in many ways by making communicating with people around the globe quick and easy. With that, people also tend to forego actually speaking with others in favor of texting, social media, email and automated service lines. In this world consumed by the social communication technology available, the value of a telephone call is second only to face to face contact.

Technology Isn’t the End of Verbal Communication

While many that provide services to individuals — from funeral directors to mechanics — are increasingly developing streamlined automated systems to keep up with growth and changes, it’s very important to keep that personal touch, especially for funeral homes.

Although handling communication through messaging or automated services can be helpful, people would often rather be able to call and receive calls as opposed to other forms of communication, especially when it's a grieving family. That one phone call shows these families that someone is there genuinely trying to help them rather than some faceless, robotic business just looking to make money.

Phone calls are becoming rarer as more people move toward other options for communication, such as texting and email. Many people would agree that being able to speak to a real person when looking for assistance is ideal.

The Personal Touch Can’t Be Replaced

Even with all of the things that can be done to help people without speaking on the phone, nothing can replace that personal touch families receive when engaged in actual conversation. Though there are many things in place that try to convey emotion, they can still be easily misconstrued. The compassion that families want from you can be easier felt from a phone call than other forms of communication because you can show sincerity and sympathy for their situation.

Showing you care goes a long way, but treating people like a number in a line is a sure way to drive them away.

Technology helps you move forward and keep up with the times with solutions to automate and streamline some of your processes. However, it’s equally important — if not more so — to remember how valuable it is to your families that they're able to pick up the phone and speak with someone when they are in need.