Funeral Directors: Three Tips for Making Time for a Summer Getaway

Summer is here and you want to go on a vacation. The problem is, you want to make sure you're available to your funeral home when you are needed, but you don’t want an interruption that will send you back home. The solution? A few tips that will help you make time for a summer getaway before the summer gets away from you.


You can’t do everything on your own, especially when you're on vacation. If there are things that you can have someone else handle while you’re away, do it. Trust the people that you work with every day to have the same care you do.

If necessary, outsource some of the tasks you usually complete for the duration of your trip. A funeral home answering service can handle calls, schedule appointments, and more. If you typically take first calls, you can find a service to complete them for you and the answering service will make the arrangements for you.

Review on the Go

If you just have to check in, use messaging, apps, or chat to keep up with schedules, calls, and meetings without having to pick up the phone or physically be at the funeral home. Make sure that everyone understands that calls should only be directed to you in an emergency when no one else can handle the situation — because it’s not really a getaway if you’re taking every call, is it?

Advance Notice

Let everyone know in advance that you're planning a summer getaway, so they can be prepared to help and learn anything they may not already be acquainted with doing. Giving people enough time to find replacement services, become proficient at new tasks, or set up calling services can take a little bit of time. If you give notice, then the sting won’t be as bad and everyone else at the funeral home can be ready to fill in the gaps.

Make sure any lingering paperwork that you planned on getting to is completed before you leave, so there's less of a chance your vacation would need to be interrupted.

As a funeral director, you're an indispensable part of your funeral home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get away for some of your summer. With a little preparation and notice, you can plan a getaway that will let you rejuvenate and enjoy other parts of your life.