Funeral Home Answering Service Call Specialist Celebrates Retirement

Congratulations Ann Sutherland!



After over 30 years of service at Director On Call, Call Specialist Ann Sutherland has announced her retirement.

Our President, Brad French had this to say;

"Ann has been a valued and loyal team member for many decades. When I think of Ann, I know that she always had the companies best interest at heart. She did not only care about operations but she also cared about marketing and things that could make our company stronger and better. I will miss the guaranteed quality that I knew she would always provide. Ann, you will be missed and enjoy your retirement. You have earned it!"

I spoke with Ann about her experience and she shared the memories she's made over the years.

When did you start with Director On Call?

I originally started with the company in 1974. I was trained by one of the senior operators at that time, Fran Walker. I met my future husband in 1977 and since he was leaving for Toronto, I went with him.  When he graduated from college we moved up north to Espanola. During that time he accepted a job in Kingston as creative writer for the local television station and so we moved back to Kingston in 1980, where I again accepted a job at Director On Call. I worked for another 3 years and then in 1983 was lucky enough to have a baby boy. I took maternity leave and extended it for 3 years. In January of 1987, I again accepted a position at Director On Call and have been working there until now.    

What have you enjoyed most about your experience with Director On Call?

The most enjoyable thing has been speaking to the clients and their families. We talk to the same person usually each day, so you feel they are part of your Director On Call family. 

Each day brings a new learning experience. 

I have also made numerous friends during my years at Director On Call. I will always remember them, as they are what made the experience memorable.

When I first started out, we worked on cord boards, then we switched over to two other systems until we finally have settled with the Amtelco Infinity system we use now. So I’ve been through four different   systems. It’s been an ongoing learning experience. There are many challenges with the job and I am sure most people don’t often realize the level of responsibility that we have.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of my work ethic. I have seldom taken time off and never been late. I have made the list of top operators of the year on numerous occasions, so I know that overall I have done my job to the best of my abilities.  


We will miss you Ann. Enjoy your retirement!