Funeral Home Answering Service Supports Alzheimer's Research

Alzheimer's Embarrassing Photo Challenge

Our Sales Manager Linda Murphy-Kreimes has started a campaign to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease.

She shares her story below and she wants to encourage people to post their embarrassing photos on Facebook using the hashtag #AlzheimersEmbarrassingPhotoChallenge and nominate others to do the same and/or donate to Alzheimer's research.

Director On Call's staff have taken the challenge and here are some of their embarrassing photos!

Excerpt taken from the Alzheimer's Photo Challenge Poster by Linda Murphy-Kreimes:

"One of the more poignant memories I have of my father was the first time he could not recognize me. I knew he had Alzheimer's, but until that day, it did not seem real.

I was visiting my parents. Dad walked into the kitchen, gave me a strange look and said 'Are you Linda?' I said, 'Yes Dad, it's me...Linda.' He laughed nervously and asked 'Our Linda?' 'Yes, it's me Dad.' He looked puzzled and said 'Your hair's so long?'

It took a moment to realize that he remembered me as a young teenager with short hair. This is the picture (at top right), it's embarrassing!

Only a few months later, he was gone.

It's been 3 years since my Father's passing. In honor of my Dad and all other Alzheimer's victims, I challenge you to post an embarrassing pic and/or make a donation towards Alzheimer's research.

Please use the hashtag: #AlzheimersEmbarrassingPhotoChallenge when posting your embarrassing picture.

Thank you for your support! With your help, we can fight this devastating disease that takes our loved ones from us, one memory at a time."

Visit the Facebook Page, Alzheimer's Embarrassing Photo Challenge to learn more and to see more embarrassing photos of our staff!