Funeral Home Answering Service Vs Automated Business Voice Mail

Live Phone Answering Service Vs Automated Business Voice Mail for Funeral Homes

A grieving family calls your funeral home to make arrangements. No one is available and the only option is voicemail. They get frustrated because they need immediate help and have questions, so they hang up and find someone else.   

Has this happened to you? If you're losing the opportunity to provide funeral services, consider your options.  You can use automated business voicemail or a live 24 hour answering service. Which is better for your funeral home?  

Automated Voicemail

Automated voicemail is an inexpensive option allowing people limited communication after hours or when you're busy. Workable for some, it can lead to lost relationships for funeral homes. More than being impersonal, there's misinformation, unnecessary back and forth communication, and making a family feel you’re too busy to adequately help them. Death isn't pleasant or convenient. In an emergency when your funeral home can't be reached, what does a family do—leave a message, hoping for a timely response, or go somewhere else?  

The latter usually happens. Every communication with a family is important, and being unable to reach help when they need it most is a big detractor. How can voicemail convey sympathy or compassion? Where is the personal touch? What happens if the family doesn't leave a message or call back? What about emergencies? Ask yourself these questions when choosing between voicemail and an answering service. People are your priority, but voicemail when they’re looking for direction and answers can negatively impact your reputation and drive away forged or possible relationships.  

Live Phone Answering Services

Your other option is a live 24 hour answering service. You serve a necessary and compassionate role in people's lives, and this option doesn’t remove that personal touch. In fact, it enhances it. A live answering service helps you avoid the headache of voicemail. Instead you'll have someone properly trained and dedicated to answering your phone at any hour and providing that sympathy you expect.  

Convincing grieving families you're invested in serving them is easier with human interaction. Individuals taking the time to call want to speak with someone, not your voicemail. Sure, they include options, but who wants to navigate an automated system that doesn't understand every response?  

Automated business voicemail provides an inexpensive solution, but not a caring environment—driving people away. Trusting calls to a 24 hour answering service means you're free to handle other things, knowing every family receives personable service.