How Call Forwarding Gives You Freedom

Being a funeral director means long days and nights, constantly being available and a life that typically revolves around your funeral home... and your phone. At least, that’s how things used to be. You can’t ignore a ringing phone in a funeral home. Now you have more options, and the advancements in technology and service make it easier for you to break away and enjoy more of your life. With options like call forwarding, you can get your freedom back.

The Freedom of Call Forwarding

Death occurs on its own time and in most instances it can’t be predicted. Funeral homes are expected to be able to provide services at any hour which has typically meant that as a funeral director, you have to be on call and ready to drop what you’re doing without notice. This affects your freedom significantly.

Call forwarding is an option that can greatly increase your ability to step away from the phone. Instead of being tied down to the funeral home or always on call, any calls you can’t directly take can be forwarded to an answering service for funeral directors. With options in forwarding that would only send specific calls to you, you will receive fewer calls and know that the calls that do come to you are truly important and require your immediate attention.

No Missed Calls

Missing calls adversely affects your funeral home because you can miss out on the opportunity to help families in need. With call forwarding, you no longer have to worry about missing calls. Whether you are at the funeral home meeting with a family or managing a funeral service or away on vacation with family and want to enjoy every minute without interruptions, call forwarding to a funeral home answering service answers those forwarded calls for you.

There are other reasons you may not be able to answer the phone as well including:

  • Bad service area

  • Dead battery

  • Misplaced phone

  • Busy lines

Call forwarding takes care of all these issues.

When you no longer have to plan your life around phone calls, you are free to plan around yourself. Being in dead zones or not being able or wanting to answer the phone at particular times is not a problem with call forwarding. You can enjoy your newly minted freedom from the phones and rest assured that your families' calls are still being answered.