How Funeral Directors Can Battle Compassion Fatigue

Are You Affected By Compassion Fatigue?



Your days are spent comforting those experiencing loss and helping them bury a loved one.You’re expected to hold things together even when the grieving fall apart. Constantly being surrounded by death could take its toll on anyone. Letting stress overtake you leads to compassion fatigue. You can battle compassion fatigue and maintain a positive outlook even while being surrounded by loss.

Is Compassion Fatigue Affecting You

As a funeral director, you’ve dealt with others' grief kindly. At some point, things changed. Death became a job. You aren't able to empathize anymore with anyone having problems, including your own family. You aren’t feeling like yourself and experience tiredness. Your relationships and work are negatively affected.

If you’re not able to be empathetic about anything besides death, and are battling depression, isolating yourself, or don’t feel well physically, then you’re headed for compassion fatigue. Recognizing you’re affected is the first step.

Battling Compassion Fatigue

Now you know what’s wrong—fix it!

  • Embrace Change: Being on call 24/7 has always been the way funeral homes were run, but times are changing. There have been many advances that help make funeral directors’ lives easier. Take advantage of these so you can unplug your mind from work long enough to enjoy life. For example, an answering service for funeral directors can take calls when you’re away and get messages to you.

  • Enjoy Life: A few moments in the fresh air, a few days on vacation—these help you maintain work/life balance. You should take time to spend with your loved ones. They’ll help you remember the beauty and fulfillment in really living life.

  • Be Selfish: Everyone wants your attention, but remember yourself. A great way to battle compassion fatigue is taking alone time to rejuvenate your mind and body. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way in creating wellness in your life. Taking a work break, even a walk in the park at lunchtime, can breathe new life into you. Delegate tasks that don’t need your personal input. You’re with these people for a reason, so trust they can handle the workload.

As a funeral director, guarding yourself with an emotional distance from death is normal, but if you’re emotionally disconnected, you can ruin relationships, your health, and even your career. Take the time to notice the signs of compassion fatigue and take the necessary steps, whether an answering service for funeral directors or a vacation.