How Our Funeral Home Answering Service Differs From the Rest

What Makes Our Funeral Home Answering Service Unique?

1) Experience


We are a second-generation family owned business. We have been around since 1948. These 67 years have allowed us to enhance our expertise and thoroughly study and understand the funeral profession. 

2) Size

Unlike large companies, our medium-sized business allows us to get to know our clients and be more knowledgeable of their needs. We can give personal attention to each of our clients. Our clients get to know our Call Specialists and deal with the same person more than once! This creates a relationship of trust and transparency so it's easy for our clients contact us with their questions and speak with someone they know who is prepared to answer their questions.

3) Evaluation

Our Answering Service for Funeral Directors serves Funeral Homes in both Canada and the United States. This means that we are evaluated by two independent organizations: the Canadian Association of Messages Exchanges (CAM-X) and the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI). We have consistently performed scored exceptionally high on our evaluations from these two organizations.

Director On Call Receives the CAM-X Diamond Plus Award for Fifiteen Years of Exceptional Service

Director On Call Receives the Exclusive Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) Award of Excellence for the 11th Consecutive Year

4) Training

Not only do our Call Specialists undergo rigorous specialized training in the Funeral Home profession utilizing some of the key concepts as presented in Alan Wolfelt’s, ‘Handbook for Funeral Home Staff', but we also bring Funeral Homes in on a regular basis to provide in-house training on a continual basis. Last month, James Reid Funeral Home came in to speak with our Call Specialists about telephone etiquette when dealing with a First Call. This allows our staff to enhance their knowledge of the Funeral Profession. We continue to learn and grow to stay on top of the latest trends in the Funeral profession and to ensure our service delivery is always on par with what our clients deserve.   

5) Customer Reviews

Some of our clients have been with us since 1980! They are eager to share their experiences with our service.

Received February 2015: 

"After partnering with a few different answering services over the years, we finally have just that - a "different" answering service - innovative and respectful to our callers' needs. Director On Call has consistently allowed our telephones to be answered professionally and compassionately since our partnership began. Each call is digitally recorded and can be replayed for quality assurance. I can assure my colleagues that whether the operators were being recorded or not, their professionalism would remain genuine and consistent. Even our on-call removal staff remarks of the operators' courtesy, promptness, communication and telephone manner. When listening to the recordings, evaluating the operators' taking of a death call and relaying it to our on-call removal staff, the phone manner and courtesy is seamless and transparent. They treat our staff with the same courtesy they extend our callers. Beyond the telephone answering, there is a total team working together for us. Whether it's our callers who hear the difference, or our staff speaking with the staff at the answering service, Director On Call is a synergy of talents with dedication to help us move to the forefront of our community. I leave our callers in their capable hands when I'm not there to answer the telephone.Thomas P. Eyre. Funeral Director/Embalmer; Sierra View Funeral Chapel

Received February 2015:

"I have been using the services of Director On Call for many years now as having my families served 24 hours a day is very important to me. The offer complete transparency when representing my Funeral Home. We had a woman come into our facility the day after speaking with an operator at Director On Call. She asked to see Brenda. Brenda, a Director On Call operator had spoken with her the night before with compassion and empathy and she wanted to thank her. She didn't realize that Brenda was with Director On Call; she thought she worked at the Funeral Home. Director On Call's operators really help our families. Jim Reid of James Reid Funeral Home