How to Ensure Your Funeral Home Answering Service is Showing Empathy to Families

3 Ways to Ensure Your Answering Service is Providing the Best Service to Your Families

Empathy means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand their situation from their point of view, and it's one of the most important elements in effectively communicating with families grieving the loss of a loved one. As a funeral director, you employ this powerful tool every day with the families you meet. The phone answering service you use should also be showing families empathy. There are a few ways you can ensure that families calling your funeral home are greeted by an empathetic voice.

Specialized Services

One way to ensure that phone answering services are showing empathy is to select one that caters to funeral homes. An answering service that serves funeral homes has the experience to know that families require empathy. They hire call specialists with the emotional capacity to be empathetic and understanding of the sensitive nature of funeral home calls. Trusting an answering service to operate as you would is a big responsibility. With specialized phone answering services, you can make sure they have worked with funeral homes before and are aware of what your families need.

Proper Training

Training is an essential tool for phone answering services. It ensures that call specialists are knowledgeable about funeral practices and understand expectations. With proper training on dealing with grieving families as well as information specific to your funeral home, call specialists become skilled at showing empathy.

Live answering services employ people that already have a kind and empathetic character and add training to create a caring experience for families.

Transparency of Services

Transparency in how services are rendered is by far the best way to know that your phone answering service is showing empathy to families. Phone answering services should provide call recording for every call, and you should have unfettered access. This transparency makes it easy for you to review calls to ensure that call specialists are displaying the right tone during calls.

Not only should there be call recordings that you review, you should be able to make suggestions that the phone answering service adheres to, whether that is how families are greeted, the way information is provided, how many rings before the line is answered, and so on.

Continued education and training are also ways to ensure that phone answering services are showing empathy to families. Certain practices may change, and answering services should be keeping up with any changes and learning how to better serve your families.