Jon Clare: Technology and its Benefits to the Funeral Profession

Technology and Business Management

For today's featured speaker we will address: Business management concepts relating to delivery of service to the consumer.



Jon Clare is the Chief Executive Officer of FuneralTech: a technology company geared towards optimizing Funeral Home's efficiency in online marketing and sales. Jon is a sought after speaker at Funeral Home education accreditation conventions. 

In an interview conducted by Director On Call, Jon outlines what he teaches participants in his presentation:

1) Efficiency and Productivity:

How to leverage technology to:

  1. a) Have more time for what really matters which is servicing your families."

  2. b) Spend less time on administrative tasks because [software] can automate all that for you."

Jon explains that you should "put technology to work for [you] so [you] can have more efficient business, be more productive, and give [yourself] more time to really focus more on what you're supposed to be doing which is servicing families because service is most important."

2) Marketing and Merchandising:

How to market your products to people not physically in your Funeral Home. In this section Jon explains: how to achieve "zero cost product expansion" and how to increase your offerings from a product and a service standpoint without increasing your overall marketing costs. How do you do this? "Leverage technology to make it more convenient for the families which will help Funeral Homes increase their overall offering to these families without increasing their overall operating cost."

Interaction = Learning!

After these two sections are covered, Jon organizes an interactive breakout session to get people engaged, involved, and interacting. Jon understands that presentations can become disengaging: "People learn better when they apply themselves rather than just [by] reading and listening."

He places people into groups and presents them with some of the biggest issues within the Funeral Home profession and has them discuss these issues. He polls the industry to see what some of the biggest challenges and obstacles are that Funeral Director's face today "and we take those challenges and we formulate questions...and have [Funeral Directors] come up with ideas on how to apply technology to the issues at hand and we discuss [those ideas] and I will give them ideas on how I would [handle] it and how other companies are doing it today."

"By getting everyone engaged, interacting, and discussing amongst each other you'd be surprised at the amount of great ideas that come out from people who don't even think they're capable of even using technology because they're not extremely tech-savvy but when they start talking about and seeing the benefits of what it can do, it far overcomes the fear they [could] have [had] towards embracing technology." 

Jon understands that change is HUGE for some and so his presentations are designed to not overwhelm but educate at a pace that's comfortable for all levels of knowledge and skill.

3) Revenue:

How can you leverage technology to generate "passive revenue"? Jon explains that passive revenue is "revenue that you're not having anything to do with [generating]".

Jon shows you how to generate passive revenue online and shows you other areas that you can leverage to make money and increase your average revenue.

Pretty cool stuff huh? Are you getting excited about your next Funeral Home education convention?